Sachiko Okada and Aaron Sharif
Sachiko Okada and Aaron Sharif

DALLAS, Mar 30, 2001 (Updated Jan 23, 2009) / FW/ —Sachiko Okada and Aaron Sharif are the design duo who make up Blaak.Both studied at St. Martins and started Blaak in 1998 as a contemplation on the emotions around the colour black (hence the label Blaak).

In two years, their color palette has expanded, but they still design a lot of clothes based on the non-color.

Both are masters of cutting and tailoring techniques and their fabric of choice are leather and knit, though they also work well with other types of fabric.

Fall 2001 was their first scheduled show at London Fashion Week and part of the New Generation Designers sponsored by Marks & Spencer.

During the Spring 2005 (March 2004) season, the duo debuted on the on-schedule show in Paris.

Photo by Javier Mateo

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