Giorgio Armani on the runway Fall 2007
Giorgio Armani on the runway Fall 2007

DALLAS, Sep 29, 2001 (updated Jan 20, 2009) / FW/ — Giorgio Armani became a household name when he “dressed” Richard Gere in the movie American Gigolo.

In the fashion world, he made a name long before the movie.

Born in Placenza Italy in 1934, Giorgio Armani studied medicine at the University of Bologna.

But he was not able to practice it, because right after graduation in 1953, he served at the Italian army.

After the two years mandatory military service, he got out and became a visual merchandiser for La Rinascente.

It was also at this store where he started his career as a designer, becoming a stylist first and then a menswear designer until 1960.

He spent the 1960s with Nino Cerruti as a menswear designer, until he decided to go freelance in 1970.

It was in 1974 when he launched his own label and it was destined to be very successful. Starting with a menswear line, he expanded to womenswear with just a year in business.

During the 1980s, the name Giorgio Armani would be synonymous with international style – neither classic nor modern. It will just be known as the Giorgio Armani style.

He has influenced fashion with the level of Christian Dior’s “New Look” and Mary Quant’s “mini skirt.”

The secret of Giorgio Armani’s continued success is the quality of his clothes. Working only with the finest fabrics and materials, both fashionistas and conservative boardroom executives appreciate the highly refined and sophisticated clothes by Giorgio Armani.


Photo by Giovanni Pucci

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