DALLAS, Jan 5, 2006/ FW/ — The latest from adidas, the a3 Garnett 06, the latest adidas signature shoe of Kevin Garnett will be launched worldwide on January 6, 2006 via television advertising and on with the theme ‘What’s Inside’ celebrating the different characteristics that make up who Kevin Garnett really is.

Considered one of the best basketball players today, KG also happens to be one of the biggest personalities of the game at this moment. His ability to show incredible determination and leadership on the court, as well as being animated and having a sense of humor, is what makes him such an exceptional player and a unique athlete.

Developed by adidas’ global advertising partner TBWA\Chiat\Day San Francisco, “What’s Inside” works as a metaphor for all of the different parts of Kevin’s personality that are displayed on the basketball court – a leader, a nightly highlight reel, a joker, a battler, a kid and a player who loves the game.

Directed by Noam Murro (who also directed Kevin’s last adidas commercial “Carry”), “What’s Inside” was shot completely on two soundstages — on some of the largest sets ever used in a commercial production.

Everything Kevin interacts with physically in each scene was captured on camera: explosions in the first scene, the playground equipment, him opposing other gladiators in the ring of battle, the stage and audience of the comedy club.

The commercial was shot against blue screen and then added the painterly backdrops, effects, and transitions between the different personalities.

Since each character represents a part of Kevin, the intention was to create a representational view of all the different aspects of KG’s game and personality, culminating where they all come together — on the basketball court.

A world was created that exists somewhere between a surreal dream and elaborate stage play.