Brioni Menswear Fall 2008
Brioni Menswear Fall 2008

MILAN, Jan 26, 2008/FW— Brioni’s presentation for Fall Winter ‘08 offered two dichotic elements. While the presentation took the viewer through the “ritual of dressing” in a virtual day of the Brioni man, the collection, was all about real quality and touch. Through inventive fabrics, Brioni has found a way to bring their signature style to the modern day.

Fabrics were luxurious while cuts were tailored and elegant. To get the real “feel” of the collection you had to touch the cashmere suits and the sheared wool/silk blends. Designs were sharp while fabrics were soft, a cashmere/chinchilla overcoat with a mink collar seamed almost virtual in its supernatural smoothness.

Grounding the virtual wardrobe were deep hues in chocolate, burgundy, charcoal, and olive green. The colors were masculine and luxurious with rich tones that worked well to highlight the sophisticated details of the designs.

In the modern age when fashion has already seen so many cycles of designs, the quality and material are making the difference in a season. Brioni understands this and with this collection has proved his commitment to quality and luxury ahead of its time. Working on classic sartorial designs, Brioni has freshened refined designs with clean lines and modernized them with outstanding materials.

Photos by Lisa Helm

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