NEW YORK, Jan 22, 2008 / FW/ — After several years of absence, the New York menswear scene is trying to make a comeback with a promising start. Held yesterday and today as part of the ENK Blue + Collective trade show, and only five menswear designers showing, it was a qualified success, thanks to good organization and support of New York fashionistas.

The shows, which were produced in collaboration with IMG Fashion, People’s Revolution and ENK organizers, featured Conference of Birds, Distilled, Yoko Devereaux, Le Coq Sporitif and Buckler by Andrew Buckler.

Yoko Devereaux is designed by Andy Salazar, who describes the label as an ‘art project’ that started about five years ago. Starting as a cult label in Brooklyn, it has since then hit mainstream with the label’s first store opening last January 2007.

Sticking to the label roots, Andy Salazar proposed Brooklyn’s industrial look with touches of LA comfy lifestyle for fall 2008. The basis might be downtown, but Salazar added preppy and punk rock as surprise twists, thus creating a hip yuppie look that the 18-25 year old would love to wear.

Buckler by Andrew Buckler was truly fashion underground with its combination of punk rock and Goth. Leather and patent leather jackets, denim jeans with red in the inseam, asymmetrical necklines on shirts and sweaters, it’s a club kid’s dream.

Skinny tuxedo pants were paired with two-tone patent leather shoes that are actually a reworking of the classic wingtip shoes. Color blocks on jackets with horns or brass metallic chains as accessories, Buckler, which is already a cult label just gained more fans on the fashion underground with this collection.

As a fashion event, the New York menswear show is a very far cry from its more glamorous sister, Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. But, it is a very good start considering that for a very long time, there is no menswear show in New York.

Thanks to great organization, there are buses provided for the attendees from Pier 92 to different points in Manhattan. In short, the organizers actually made it easy for people to come.

With New York’s support, as already seen this season, the menswear scene can be vibrant once again.