Frederick’s of HollywoodLOS ANGELES, Feb 1, 2008 / FW/ — This might be the first day of New York Fashion Week, but Valentine’s Day will come no matter what. So, while you busy fashionistas are looking at the Fall 2008 collections, don’t forget to find time to do some shopping for the Red Heart day.

For that romantic day, Frederick’s of Hollywood recommends that you should nab the perfect lingerie look for your personality type.

  • The Classic Beauty

For the woman who is a bit tame and prefers to keep it simply sophisticated, you may want to opt for something everlasting. A long satin gown or the traditional pajama set may be your best bet. She’ll feel sexy while sticking to her classy, timeless disposition.

  • The Daring Diva

Are you more of a wild child at heart? Are you a fearless feline, go for something saucy and seductive like a matching bra and panty set. From black lace to red satin, a sexy set will make your Valentine’s Day.  Pick up a satin robe and a pair of stockings to make the look complete!

  • The Trendsetter

The trendy, always in-the-know type of gal loves lingerie that fits perfectly into the current season. You certainly know what’s hot and what’s not.  Try a chemise or babydoll since innerwear as outerwear is a popular trend right now. These styles flatter all body types and will definitely make for a fun and flirty Valentines!

  • The Sporty Spice 

Are you more likely to hike the Himalayas than rove around Rodeo? Would rather be more comfortable than glitzy glam, go for a playfully alluring gift such as a heart printed satin PJ set. With its ultra smooth satin finish, this sporty gal will feel cute and comfortable!

  • The Party Gal

For the girl who never misses a party, pick up a more versatile item such as a corset. This iconic fashion piece can be worn with stockings and garters for an evening inside the boudoir or paired with skinny jeans and heels for a night out on the town.  The classic corset will make for a fashion forward addition to any woman’s wardrobe!

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