The Bombed Mache
The Bombed Mache

DALLAS, Apr 30, 2008 / FW/ — With all the talks about eco-friendly fashion, Ksubi, in collaboration with Herbert & Mason architects transcended expectations by building a retail store that was constructed from recycled materials.

Called ‘The Bombed Mache’, the new store seeks to have positive social and environmental standards, rather than merely meeting expectations. The concept challenges formal design and architecture as it focused on salvage and ‘mash’ culture. Using a cut-and-paste style, Ksubi created something interesting, unpredictable and esoteric.

The Bombed Mache
The Bombed Mache

If the ‘design for retail is impermanent,’ philosophy exists, then ‘The Bombed Maché’ is its bold statement. With its reused materials and anti retail therapy, the shop acts as a temporary destination with constant shifts made by ksubi’s art department. Call it ‘homeless chic’ if you want, wherein the space masquerades as an installation, a shantytown, a gallery—something more and something less.

Eighty per-cent of the shop is constructed from refuse and throw away materials. The entire design is customized and hand crafted to render materials beyond their original means of recognition or expectations.

For this ingenious treatment, the Design Institute of Australia, the professional body representing Australian designers had given Ksubi the 2008 Interior Design Award for their work on ‘The Bombed Maché’.

The Bombed Mache
The Bombed Mache

The Bombed Maché
1021 High Street
Armadale VIC

Photos courtesy of KSUBI

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