Saks Fifth Avenue water bracelets
Saks Fifth Avenue water bracelets

NEW YORK, Apr 26, 2008 / FW/ — According to the ancient Greeks, Earth, Water, Air and Fire are the four basic elements that we simply could not live without. The world had evolved since the time of Greek mythology, but water is as important today as it was during the era of the Greek gods. And, that’s the reason why Saks Fifth Avenue is partnering with ‘charity: water’ to bring safe water to impoverished communities.

As part of the retailer’s celebration for Mother’s and Father’s Day, Saks Fifth Avenue is teaming with charity: water, a nonprofit organization that builds freshwater wells in developing nations for as little as $5000, to provide entire communities with fresh water for years.

For us here in the U.S., Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are time for showing our appreciation and love for our parents. We shower our mom and dad with gifts. But, for millions of mothers and fathers around the world, the most priceless gift is the simplest: water.

In impoverished communities and developing countries, unsafe water and lack of basic sanitation cause 80% of all sickness on the planet and lead to 2.2 million deaths every year. Millions of adults and children walk 3 miles every day, carrying 80 pounds of water back to their families — unsafe water. These numbers only scratch the surface of an enormous problem — one that we can have a major impact in resolving.

Beginning April 21st and running through Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, Saks customers will be able to become part of the solution by:

GETTING THE BRACELET: $5 each in Saks stores, Saks Fifth Avenue OFF 5TH stores, on or through 800.871.SAKS.

SENDING AN E-CARD: $20 each at

SPONSORING A FRESHWATER WELL: A $5000 donation will help an entire community gain access to clean water for drinking, cooking and basic sanitation. Visit or call 800.871.SAKS.

Founded by Scott Harrison in August 2006, charity: water has funded the construction of more than 250 wells that, when completed, will provide clean drinking water to 150,000 people. charity: water uses 100 percent of the money it raises to directly fund freshwater well and sanitation projects in some of the poorest communities in Africa, India and Central America.