Dirk Bikkembergs Menswear Spring 2009
Dirk Bikkembergs Menswear Spring 2009

MILAN, Jun 25, 2008 / FW/ — While other designers try to find the perfect balance of the male image, Dirk Bikkembergs has been preaching for the past five years that virility and masculinity are desirable traits for men.

Since the rise of women’s liberation during the 1960s, the male ego had been usurped as men are ‘taught’ to find the ‘femme’ quality in them to be able to relate to his partner. So, ‘men are from Mars and women are from Venus,’ is it really that bad? For, isn’t it that diversity is the reason why the world had moved forward? Without the diverse opinions and points of view, our civilization would be stagnant.

In short, three cheers for Dirk Bikkembergs who never succumbed to the now passé metrosexual craze but instead continued to believe that men can remain men, i.e., sportive, virile and masculine.

The Dirk Bikkembergs gents bare their chests in sporty sophistication; they were their jersey suit, naked chest, rolled up sleeves, ready to take on the challenges of life with the right amount of self-confidence and plenty of masculine style.

And for Spring / Summer 2009, Dirk Bikkembergs pushed the boundaries of male elegance by thinking up new variants for the existing clothing categories in the wardrobe of men.

He took in the feel and versatility of the jersey tracksuit and fused those with suits, jumpers, an occasional tie, waistcoats, tuxedo’s, resulting in a formal style which is far from classic and beautifully wraps the sensual body of the man it was designed for.


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