Pringle of Scotland Menswear Spring 2009
Pringle of Scotland Menswear Spring 2009

MILAN, June 25, 2008/ FW/ — For a company founded almost 200 years ago, Pringle of Scotland is anything but old. While they may have a rich heritage, Pringle’s Spring Summer 2009 collection shows they are as fresh as the newest brand on the market. Mixing modern and contemporary ideas with the richness of tradition and the advancements in technology Claire Waight Keller designed a collection true to the modern times, and the companies past.

Blue, orange, green, and lilac were the island colors celebrating the collection. Computer generated prints mimicked a batik effect in mixes of charcoal white and blue. Colors were bright and playful paired with more somber shades of charcoal, white, and grey.

The mood of the collection was fresh and light, ultra fine materials made tailored jackets looks relaxed while attention to detail showed the expert sartorial work. Stitching accentuated pockets and lapels as clean cuts molded lean shapes. Trousers were thin conventional cuts with smooth fronts and came in traditional and pop colors.

Trousers ended at ankle height showing sockless loafers as shorts rode right above the knees.

Knits, always a strong part the Pringle of Scotland collection, were traditional with a twist. An ultra thin knit with a perforated argyle pattern gives a classic look with a modern hand. Weaves for the collection were loose as light texture played and important role in different weights of the knits. Sweaters were giving their own batik looks with hand painted details in umbra effects.

To contrast and compliment the craftsmanship were the sporty technical fabrics used on jackets and outerwear. A biker jacket changes personalities in a light weight perforated suede. Parka’s get glossy with in ultra-light glazed ramie while nylon blousons with the same glossy effect are tissue-fine.

For class, comfort and style Pringle of Scotland’s Spring Summer collection can work for all ages. The high quality of the product and ultra fine weights of the fabrics make them a perfect wear for sunny weather.

Photos by LISA HELM

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