She Got Game by WeTV
She Got Game by WeTV
NEW YORK, Aug 19, 2008 / FW/ — The ‘small screen’ is synonymous with television; but what do you call a screen that is smaller than the palm of your hand? It’s called webTV and it’s becoming more popular by the minute, literally.

NBC had launched yesterday Gemini Division, a made-for-web series starring Rosario Dawson. Like the standard on television, there is a new episode every week, maybe even two because each episode is approximately only 5 minutes long.

Not to be outdone by the cop show / sci-fi genre, WeTV made sure that the fashion set has their own original made-for-web only programming.

Launched yesterday, WeTV’s ‘She’s Got Game’ is hosted by James Aguiar of Full Frontal Fashion and Look for Less. A game show and reality show morphed into a 3-minute episode, James Aguiar surprises women shoppers, asks them questions and if they answer James’ questions correctly, WeTV will buy what her heart desires.

With a new episode every Monday and Thursday, the original order of 15 episodes will last about 2 months. With New York Fashion Week just around the corner, WeTV can find itself ordering more episodes with a full frontal exposure to fashionistas.


Below is the first episode: