Mechanical Mannequin
Mechanical Mannequin

LOS ANGELES, Aug 18, 2008 / FW/ — Believe it or not, Hollywood’s special effects are not just done by CGI (Computer Generated Imagery). A lot of special effects or FX for short, are still done the old fashioned way – artistry and a fertile imagination.

Rubens Display, a custom manufacturer of mannequins, focuses on ‘special effects’ mannequins or forms, be it for a retail environment, or entertainment such as the movies, even museums.

Their expertise lies on creating special mechanisms for movement, lighting or voice activation given to a mannequin or form. These types of mannequins are used as focal points, and in other times to ‘imitate’ or ‘duplicate’ a real person, i.e., become a body double.

Some of the most famous works of Rubens Display are the mannequin body doubles of Keanu Reves, Laurence Fishburne and Carrie Moss in the Matrix Trilogy. These units were used for a producers exhibit in New Orleans and now they are stationed in the Warner Bros archives in Burbank CA.

Rubens Display can also customize mannequins for you. Do you want a Bette Middler or Will Smith look-alike? They can do it for you.

The usual turn-around time is 2 weeks. Add a few more days for shipping, Rubens Display ship all over the United States. For international orders, please discuss this before making an order.

Mechanical mannequins? No problem! Rubens Display can make those for you also. Turn-around time for mechanical mannequins vary. It depends on what you want the mannequin to do.

Rubens Display expertise is not limited to just mannequins and forms. They also design creations in animals and display props with movement and sound.

To contact Rubens Display:

Contact: Ruben J. Esparza
1428 East Francis
Ontario CA 91761
Tel: 909-923-5671
Fax: 909-923-5670

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