Andre 3000 (undated photo)
Andre 3000 (undated photo)

NEW YORK, Sep 11, 2008 / FW/ — One of the most anticipated collections opened pre- fashion week festivities. Thursday, Sep 4th, was the launch of Andre 3000 of Outkast line Benjamin Bixby. The collection is already in stores at Barneys, Colette, Harrods and Neiman Marcus.

Andre is one of hip hops most stylish figures who has become notarized as one of the best dressed people in the world by GQ and Esquire. It is only natural that he extends himself and makes a line of clothing based off of the early 1900’s football leagues.

The collection is full of memorabilia that is reminiscent of a time passed. Heavy wools and semi chunky sweaters and cardigans are throughout. Limited colour usage for the fall season, but his expression of burgundy on a sweater that adorns a 1935 insignia is a staple with brown car leather patches.

Many would like to compare his collection to the likes of Ralph Lauren or Thom Browne, but Bixby is coming from a different place with his aesthetic. It is a lifestyle brand like Lauren and it has a lot of quirk like Browne, but the fit and continuity is vastly different. The inspiration is similar hence all three brands are pulling from the mother country of Old English good tailoring. Andre’s collection is more relaxed with a few theatrics thrown in like the tweed knickers with suspenders. Not over the top, but signature Andre.

His pre-war eye is seen upon the heavy Russian military jackets and navy blue wool coats. Large buttons are details that cannot be overlooked. As the hot air balloon serves as a logo, it is true that the man who wears these garments is an old world train-setter. The Andre man is a man of leisure who enjoys taking the train inspite of his jet. He may not have a cellular phone but his beeper suffices.

As Charlize Theron and Stuart Townsend hosted the intimate gathering full of executives and editors, Andre seemed heavily pleased with his New York launch.
The anticipation for his next collection was in the air and the audience is begging to see more. The challenge now is to see how Andre’s Aesthtic holds it own in a conservative and recessional menswear market or will he go along with trend and not show us his versatile Adamsville style.