C'N'C Costume National Spring 2009
C'N'C Costume National Spring 2009

MILAN, Sep 25, 2008 / FW/ — Fishnets, high-tech fabrics and a futuristic of the bustier / corset, Ennio Capasa revisited the 1960s two most important fashion markers – mod and space age, courtesy of the London fashion scene and Paco Rabanne, respectively.

Morphing these two very different genres of that era, Ennio Capasa came up with retro-futuristic looks such as the sleeveless transparent mini dress in white worn over a black fishnet catsuit. There is also the slim fitting pants paired with a sleeveless snug fitting jacket worn on top of a black bandeau, the top and the trousers made of high-tech translucent fabric.

Square vests, sleeveless trench coats, safari jackets with grommets – Ennio Capasa breathe a new life to these fashion pieces from the past. Some items are juxtaposed; alone, it would not make sense in the collection. But, mixed with everything, it just felt right and natural for them to be there.

Does Ennio Capasa really have his finger on the pulse of the Internet generation? He’s the only designer who had publicly accepted that he writes a blog, uploads videos at YouTube and has a Twitter account.

C’N’C was created to cater to this ephebic market. How well does Ennio Capasa know them? Why is he proposing retro-looks to this very high-tech group? Perhaps these two things will allay any doubts you have.

(1) According to Billboard, vinyl records are making a comeback with sales jumping 77% this year compared to last year. For those of you who not remember, before the CD was introduced in 1980, music was either sold on tapes or on a vinyl record. They come in several speeds, the two most popular are 45 and 33.

Why is there a resurgence of vinyl records? According to the Star Telegram, the daily newspaper of Fort Worth Texas, its because the baby boomers’ love of vinyl records never went away and they transferred that love for vinyl to their children.

(2) An AT&T commercial in the using selling their mobile phone services filmed in 3-D animation showed two turntables, when one of the phones being shown can actually download MP3s.


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