Ixchel Spring 2009: Frieda Kahlo meets Pink Floyd

Ixchel Spring 2009

Ixchel Spring 2009

NEW YORK, Sep 28, 2008 / FW/ — For Spring 2009, ixchel found inspiration at a downtown New York vintage shop. Her muse, an androgynous raven-haired woman, cigarette in hand, guiding her black leather boots through aisles of printed vintage silks.

Referencing the musical and art historical contexts, the collection includes 1970s-eque silk jumpsuits contrasted with modern leather pieces and hyper-modern fabrics such as “wet” coated chiffons and shiny, luxe silk nylon blends.

The use of trompe l’oeil can be seen in the incorporation of reversed pockets creating an edgy visual “petal” effect as well as the use of printed material as lining which can be seen through the shell fabric and untraditional button placement.

The root of ixchel lies heavily in the whimsical paintings of Surrealist art, the witty, sarcastic contradictions of the Dada Movement, and spatial, dark rock music such as Pink Floyd.

The feel is neither hard nor soft, dark nor light, masculine nor feminine. To quote Francis Picabia, it “speaks with you, it is everything, it envelops everything.., it can be neither victory nor defeat, it lives in space and not in time.”

Ixchel touches on deliberate irrationality, anarchy, and cynicism without completely rejecting classical laws of beauty. Rather, it juxtaposes hard with soft, light with dark, hyper-modern with classic, often using subtle visual puns and trompe l’oeil.

Ixchel Spring 2009

Ixchel Spring 2009

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