MILAN, Sep 21, 2008 / FW/ — Futuristic Aristo-art is what Luciano Soprani’s Spring Summer 2009 collection was all about.  Clothes took on architectural forms that were clean, modern and bold.  The Luciano Soprani woman, Alessandro Turci designed for, is powerful, knows what she wants and knows how to get it.

The clothes were modern and conservative using satirical techniques to achieve both these attributes.  Shoulders were defined but not large as cuts created forms that were defined and soft at the same time.  Design lines gave much to be studied as collars were magnified so much that they looked like panels on the dress.  Huge ruffles on sleeves circled the arm as sheers and asymmetric lines created there own optical illusions.
Taking inspiration from the masculine suit the collection had a very business orientated and professional theme.  A three-piece suit took on this inspiration and consisted of boxed-sleeved maxi-blazers over a skirts and vests.  Color lines were soft and exaggerated as material was shiny and feminine.
Accessories played on the futuristic shapes in Giacomo Balla’s work, as purses were large architectural clutches and shoes were heels with thick-banded straps. Sunglasses were round and small or large and rectangular and necklaces were big and chunky.
Texture played a big role in the materials in a blend of opaque’s, shines, transparent and embroidered material layered together in different outfits.  The show was very wearable and innovative at the same time.  You need a second glance to understand all the technicalities and hidden jewels of the collection.

(Photo by Lisa Helm, click on image to see bigger photo.)