M&M Chocolates Booth
M&M Chocolates Booth

NEW YORK, Sep 6, 2008 / FW/ — If you have been watching the new M&M commercials on TV, then you would easily notice the chocolate company’s booth inside the tents at Bryant Park.

And though for a fashionista who is always watching her figure the idea of all the calories the come with chocolates can make them stop at their tracks, the line to get some of these delicious goodies are always full.

In fashion, there has always been a taboo between promoting ‘food and alcohol’. But, Moet Chandon broke that barrier a long time ago. And now, M&M is also breaking that taboo this season.

Why are these barriers being broken? Perhaps its because of the Size Zero model issue, wherein all the fashion capitals have to face. Though no longer in the headlines, the industry has been very vigilant about it.

This season, the CFDA booth at Bryant Park is campaigning for a healthy lifestyle for models, with the caveat that they will eat right.

That said, let’s go back to the M&M chocolates inside the tents. It’s a big hit from what I had seen so far.


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