Eiffel Tower
Eiffel Tower

PARIS, Oct 6, 2008 / FW/ — Every season, we have come to expect something outrageous from Bernhard Willhelm. The German designer always has something that titillates our imagination, and this season is signature Bernhard Willhelm as he paid tribute to Mother Earth.

Now, before you begin to think that this collection is about sustainability and being eco-friendly, it is not. It’s literally about Mother Earth or Gaia. To do that, the designer sent tribal-inspired clothing beginning with the opening exit, a blue top with layered sleeves that was screen printed with a tribal mask.

And just to make sure that the audience understood that this is not about being eco-friendly, Willhelm created a flounce skirt in high-tech fabric, probably Mylar.

With ‘tattoos’ on the models’ faces, Bernhard Willhelm sent out tunics in tribal prints or tie-dye; once in a while he throws in a curved ball by sending an office girl’s outfit, like the double-breasted suit/cape paired with an A-line skirt.

Other than that, Willhelm kept everything tight and thematic, including the use of bright like green, pink and orange; the shades did not come from a wild garden, but actually from floral shades of the jungle.

There were even animal prints, but they were presented in a very stylized manner that they were actually pretty! Okay, the whole collection might not be for the mainstream fashionistas but the club kids, including the ‘Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants’ can actually find pieces that will work with their current wardrobe.


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