Christian Lacroix Spring 2009
Christian Lacroix Spring 2009

PARIS, Oct 6, 2008 / FW/ — Long crimped hair worn with bangs screamed 1980s. With the current futurism trend, it was hard not to think of Blade Runner’s Pris, a ‘leisure model’ for a replicant, otherwise called an AI, played by Daryl Hannah who wore her hair like that in the movie. Oh, the collection is signature Christian Lacroix and as far away from sci-fi as it could be.

Yet, it would be remised if it was not mentioned here that this is a new Christian Lacroix. There’s a different beat; finally, his ready-to-wear vision has been differentiated from his haute couture collection. The French designer is offering his ready-to-wear collection to the daughters of his haute couture clients.

Before you say… ‘hey! That’s unfair’, think again. Haute couture for sometime now had been associated with middle-aged women, not their daughter, the echo boomers. Yet, in this collection, Christian Lacroix’s young and hip execution of haute couture techniques on ready-to-wear made this collection very attractive to ‘Gossip Girls’.

Take the black and white mini cocktail dress for example. It is almost two-dresses-in-one. Both of them with flounced skirts, the white one is worn under the black lace rendition of the outfit. Drop sleeves and a very loose obi-wide belt on the drop-down waist ended in a 3-D rose.

There is also the cut out skeleton necklaces worn over corset-inspired blouses; is this Christian Lacroix’ version of Goth? The French couturier outdid himself with this collection and quite frankly, we love it!


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