Joan Fabregas Spring 2009
Joan Fabregas Spring 2009

MADRID, Oct 23, 2008 / FW/ — To reconstruct, restore or repair human skin is not only a medical surgery process, a cut reconstruction action or an incision using stitching or sutures, it is also a surgical medium related to the identity, to the personality itself and, at all events, to the need that the human being has to acquire it and to mould it into a new image.

Perhaps it is this which most draws the science of surgery close to fashion creation; both seek to create or modify an image, reinforcing the personality and self-esteem by using gadgets such as the needle, thread and the process of textile assembly.

What a narrow gap there is between both techniques and how similar the procedures are.

Born in Terrassa (Barcelona), in the heart of a textile manufacturing family, Joan Fabregas discovered his passion for dressmaking and design. He undertook part of his training in Clothing Fashion and Design at the Felicidad Duce College as well as at other prestigious European centres.

He proposes innovation in conjunction with cuts, silhouettes and combinations of references in his solid creative universe, in which the urban mark of the collections produces a result which is essentially industrial as well as intimate, subtle and feminine.

To this end, he uses classic fabrics such as cotton, silk, etc. adding meticulous finishes to them, such as polish and metal, transformed into garmentwash, mixing them with a wide range of technologically-based products.

In January 2008, during the events of El Ego, of Pasarela Cibeles, he proposed what was his first collection with a technological base, as well as his first experience on a national scale with luminous fabric, an optic fibre-based fabric.

Photos courtesy of Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week

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