Lydia Delgado Spring 2009
Lydia Delgado Spring 2009

MADRID, Oct 13, 2008 / FW/ — In a grand dance of shapes and sketches, Lydia Delgado uses color to take us to a journey of initiation. Using mauve, pearl, lavender, meringue, coral and black, the Barcelona-born designer created geometric silhouettes that are modern yet romantic at the same time.

Chinese ink prints evoke ornamental paintings in a world of symbols where everything has meaning, while girls dance euphorically around the Coconut Palm swimming pool. Accomplices, they exchange their tribal influence mobile jewels. Fruity colors fade in the cotton wraps crowned with crystal beads.

As a dancer in the Gran Teatro de Opera del Liceu, Lydia Delgado was exposed to the art of costume design, but did not discover the world of fashion until she met designer Antonio Miró, in whose creative workshop she collaborated for some time before starting off to pursue her own career.

In 1987, Lydia Delgado opened her own atelier in downtown Barcelona on Calle Minerva, an intimate surrounding with a personality of its own, reminiscent of haute-couture. Briefly afterwards, she opened her store in Barcelona in time with her debut in Pasarela Gaudí.

Her first collections were creations crafted with patience and feeling, in which a continuous search for artistic expression was evident. Reviews took note of the designer´s honesty and savoir-faire, calling her «the new Balenciaga».

In 1998, Lydia Delgado launched her prêt-à-porter line as a more accessible option, albeit without sacrificing her commitment to careful and painstaking craftsmanship. These are clothes that suggest daring combinations, not entirely lacking in irony, and which intend to elicit a different look on oneself and on reality. Designed to free women from the monotony of daily routines, they have the power to transform whoever wears them: they turn the person into a personality.

In 2000, Lydia Delgado presented her bride collection at the Royal Palace of Pedralbes. It was an avant-garde proposal that maintained her identity in shapes and details, but introduced surprising color contrasts and a hint of playful mischievousness in a line that was noted until then for its sober, monochrome designs. A year later, Pronovias, the world leader in the bride business, signed a contract with her for the world distribution of the Lydia Delgado Novias collections.

In 2004 Lydia Delgado opened her Madrid store in the prestigious district of Barrio de Salamanca.

Today, Lydia Delgado is one of the most prestigious names in Spanish fashion. Her exclusive world has an identity all of its own as a result of her personal determination to preserve her original values throughout the years: a passion for quality, artistic creativity and visual strength, as well as a weakness for details and unostentatious elegance.

Lydia Delgado´s prêt-à-porter collection is distributed in Spain through a network of high end shops. In the international market the brand has been selling to shops such as, Penelope (Italy) , Raspini (Italy), Evelyn Showroom (Germany), Tess & Carlos (USA), Amaree´s (USA), Gem&Gemm (Greece), If Boutique (Dubai).

Throughout her career, Lydia Delgado has dressed artists, and personalities from different walks of life, including Pedro Almodóvar´s muses such as Penélope Cruz, Leonor Watling or Carmen Maura, Inés Sastre, Esther Cañadas, Najwa Nimri, Silvia Munt.

Photos courtesy of Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week