Warot Subsrisunjai and Mike Feeney on the runway
Warot Subsrisunjai and Mike Feeney on the runway

DALLAS, Oct 10, 2008 / FW/ — In this exciting pairing between Womenswear Design graduate Warot Subsrisunjai and MFA Fine Art Sculpture Mike Feeney, fashion literally met art on the catwalk.

Bangkok Thailand-native Warot Subsrisunjai was inspired by artist Man Ray whose black and white photography became the basis of the monochromatic palettes in the collection.

“Man Ray’s use of geometric shapes influenced me to create the strong structural silhouettes. I incorporated his use of the human figure where it resembled another man-made object in the construction of my outfit because not only did it challenged the conventional views of the human body, but it also allowed me to share my point of view of how fashion design can make the body more than what it is,” Warot explained.

Born and raised in San Diego, CA, Mike Feeney studied Fine Art Sculpture in the MFA program and has found a new passion in accessory design after collaborating with fashion design students earlier this year.

Finding inspiration from the engineering of bridges and buildings to sci-fi, Feeney uses acrylic, bronze and nickel to create sculptures that are the same time fashion accessories. Tap Plastics in El Cerrito, CA sponsored Feeny’s graduation collection.

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