SAN FRANCISCO, Dec 25, 2008 / FW/ — The whole time I was growing up, the day after Thanksgiving was the day that we wrote Christmas cards. It was a family affair with my mother writing the addresses on the envelope while we take turns signing the cards. My father will seal the cards, my elder brother will put the stamp and I will record it on the list as a double check that we did not miss anyone.

Now that my brother and I are both grown up, (he lives in Seattle while I live in Los Angeles), my parents who still keep their residence in San Francisco had continued the tradition though less and less people are sending Christmas cards nowadays.

Another family tradition we do every year, after opening our gifts on Christmas morning, we read all the Christmas cards we receive after which they are put in a box to be stored in the attic. (I heard from my father though that my mother decided to scan all the Christmas cards she had saved and recycled all the hard copy because there were just too many already.)

Arriving at my parents’ house earlier this week, I noticed that there were less cards in the basket under the tree. Perhaps it is a sign of the times; after all, we are in a recession but in my heart, I know that the economy is not the main reason why there are less and less people sending Christmas cards. They just send emails!

Though I am a proponent of sending emails (I practically grew up with it), I am saddened that the tradition of sending Christmas cards is slowly dying. As a young person, I’m actually one of the few who still send Christmas cards.

I like the feel of the pen in my hand; I like seeing the flowing script of my handwriting. And though it takes time, I like writing the name and address on the envelope by hand. My only compromise, my return address is pre-printed. I hope to keep the tradition going.

Merry Christmas everyone!