Burger King mascot promoting Flame (www.flamemeetsdesire.com)
Burger King mascot promoting Flame (www.flamemeetsdesire.com)

DALLAS, Dec 18, 2008 / FW/ — For $3.99, which is about the price of a burger, you can go around smelling like French fries and broiled meat, then Burger King’s Flame fragrance is the scent for you.

Already part of David Letterman’s monologue and a topic on the blogosphere, it is really hard to decide whether this is just an advertising gimmick, i.e. just for laughs to balance Burger King’s Whopper Virgin commercial, or the $3.99 scent will stay on Burger King’s menu.

If it does, I wonder if it will be part of the Value Meal or the 99 cent menu?

For more info about the Burger King Flame fragrance, log on: www.flamemeetsdesire.com


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