pom-pom bow
pom-pom bow

DALLAS, Dec 13, 2008 / FW/ — Chances are you have already done your Christmas decorations hence, this one is more on a personal note, i.e. when you wrap gifts at home.

1. Choose the ribbon color and thickness you prefer. Make a circle from the ribbon about 6 to 8 inches in diameter. Continue winding the ribbon around the circle 8 to 15 times.
2. Flatten the ribbon circle, holding it together in the center with your fingers. Cut both corners, diagonally, on each end of the ribbon, using sharp scissors.
3. Re-create the ribbon circle the same way you did originally, only this time, the notched ends will meet in the center. Once the circle is finished, tie a string around the center. Tie it tight, so it doesn’t come apart.
4. Start with one side of the ribbon bow, pull out the loop on the inside, and twist it to the right. Pull out the next loop, and twist it to the left. Continue pulling out the loops, twisting them in alternate directions, until all the loops are out.
5. Repeat the loop twisting procedure on the other side of your ribbon bow.