Lilly Pulitzer Limited-Edition Piano by Steinway & Sons
Lilly Pulitzer Limited-Edition Piano by Steinway & Sons

LOS ANGELES, Dec 28, 2008 / FW/ — A rose by any other name might still smell as sweet, but a Lilly on a Steinway is a grand as it can be! To celebrate Lilly Pulitzer’s 50th anniversary, Steinway & Sons, makers of the finest pianos in the world, unveiled a limited-edition Lilly Pulitzer-printed model M piano.

The six-foot long signature piano model, which blends unsurpassed quality and timeless style with bold Lilly Pulitzer personality and a sense of whimsy, brings together two classic American brands for a major Jubilee celebration.

Steinway & Sons partnered with the Lilly Pulitzer brand, well-known for its palette of vibrant pinks and greens, on the colorful Lilly-printed piano. The Jubilee celebration, which also featured music from The Alex Donner Orchestra, was the first time fans of both Steinway and Lilly Pulitzer had an opportunity to admire this rare instrument.

The Lilly Pulitzer Steinway piano will travel to special events and Jubilee celebrations from coast to coast during the label’s golden jubille. The Lilly Pulitzer Limited-Edition Steinway & Sons Piano is available at Lilly Pulitzer stores nationwide by special order.


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