080 Barcelona Fashion
080 Barcelona Fashion

PARIS, Jan 15, 2009 / FW/ — Now on its 3rd edition, 080 Barcelona Fashion raises the ante with the young designers with the creation of the 080 Barcelona Fashion Award that will grant the designer 20,000 euros as prize.

Slated on March 16 – 18, 2009 in Barcelona, the 080 Barcelona Fashion Fall 2009 / Winter 2010 collections will feature three days of women’s & men’s catwalk shows and showroom presentations by selected designers for invited international press and buyers.

An initiative of the Catalan Government in collaboration with the Barcelona City Council, 080 Barcelona Fashion aims to position the Catalan capital as an international reference for avant-garde fashion and provide a platform for young, emerging or independent designers. And for the first time, 080 Barcelona Fashion Fall 2009 edition have extended the possibility for international designers to apply.

The selection for the catwalk shows:

  • Aminaka Wilmont (Denmark/Sweden) _ womenswear
  • Andrea Llosa (Peru) _ womenswear
  • Bambi by Laura (Catalonia) _ womenswear
  • Cecilia Sörensen (Finland) _ womenswear
  • Factoria Rent Me (Catalonia) _ womenswear
  • Georgina Vendrell (Catalonia) _ menswear
  • Gori de Palma (Catalonia) _ womenswear + menswear
  • Justin Smith (UK) _ women’s + men’s millinery
  • Klavers Van Engelen (The Netherlands) _ womenswear
  • Maikel Bongaerts (The Netherlands) _ menswear
  • Manuel Bolaño (Spain) _ womenswear
  • Mareunrol’s (Latvia) _ womenswear + menswear
  • Mark Fast (Canada) _ womenswear
  • Martin Lamothe (Catalonia) _ womenswear + menswear
  • Material by Product (Australia) _ womenswear
  • Miriam Ponsa (Catalonia) _ womenswear
  • Pelican Avenue (Austria) _ womenswear + menswear
  • Postweiler Hauber (Germany) _ menswear + womenswear
  • Seïko Taki (Japan) _ womenswear
  • Txell Miras (Catalonia) _ womenswear
  • Zazo&Brull (Catalonia) _ womenswear

Under the presidency of Barbara Franchin (EVE Director & ITS Project Supervisor, Italy) an international jury has selected the designers participating in the next 080 BARCELONA FASHION, whether for catwalk shows and/or showroom; this selection committee is composed by 11 experts who reflect the various components of the fashion sector :

Vicki Beamon (Creative Director, Erickson-Beamon, UK), Jean-Luc Dupont (système D, France),
Takeji Hirakawa (Freelance Journalist and Fashion Professor, Japan), Lutz Huelle (Designer Lutz,
France), Frédéric Martin-Bernard (Menswear Fashion Editor, Le Figaro and Contributor to MarieClaire, France), Jürgen Sailer (Menswear Designer, Dries Van Noten, Belgium), Lluís Sans (SantaEulalia, Spain), Robin Schulié (Headbuyer Maria Luisa, France), Ingrid Van Gerven (Department ofInnovation, Universities and Enterprise of the Catalan Government, Spain) and Vincent Vantomme(Senior Partner/Recruiting LinkUnlimited, Belgium).
In addition to these individual shows 080 BARCELONA FASHION will host for the 2nd time a collective show of the designers from the Projecte Bressol, for a total of 22 catwalk shows. All these brands will also be presented in the showroom along with El Delgado Buil, GemmaDegara, Les Mains, Manolita Watlin, Monika Harbort and Valentim Quaresma.

On the last day of the event the jury will also bestow for the time the 080 BARCELONA FASHION AWARD for the best collection with a prize of 20,000 euros offered by the Government of Catalonia.

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