Georgina Vendrell Spring 2009
Georgina Vendrell Spring 2009

MADRID, Jan 17, 2009 / FW/ — I have said it before and I will say it again… sometimes, fashion designers have prescience. Georgina Vendrell created her Skeleton Shapes collection long before the movie Twilight was released and considered a bona-fide hit.

Technically, there is no connection between Skeleton Shapes and Twiglight; what they share is the concept of the underworld affecting those who are alive. Without going into the lore of vampires and the storyline of Twiglight, let it suffice to say that Vendrell’s elongated silhouettes in very light enveloping fabrics is futuristic but with undertones of the underworld.

Using neoprene and gabardine, Georgina Vendrell created architectural shapes that afforded a sensation of security and interest. Interesting influences can be applied to her garments, ranging from the technological style of waist-length jackets to urban kaftans, fine cotton trousers and garment overlays.

The treatment given to the patterns, which she undoes and changes at whim, giving a new air to classic garments, stands out. Pleated trousers, T-shirts which lengthen the silhouette and light parkas make up a collection with a post-nuclear futuristic air which is at the same time combined with a well-defined classic component.

Georgina Vendrell, a Catalan designer, was born in Barcelona in 1983. She made her debut with her Bad Boys collection in the 24th edition of the ModaFad Awards where she won the award for the best collection which gave her the opportunity to show her collection solo in the next edition. She studied fashion at the Catalan Fashion Institute and did an internship at Josep Font Haute Couture, but her true training can be found in her observation of the society around her.

Georgina stands out on account of her questioning of the conventional shapes and patterns in each collection, but maintains clear references to classic tailoring. Keen on experimenting in all kinds of fabrics, this designer is characterized by her purity in design and its execution.

Her forthcoming projects include participating in the 2009 Hyères Festival and undertaking for this event research work in collaboration with the Lupo handbag firm to develop other concepts in leather.

Photos courtesy of Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week

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