Kate Ryan
Kate Ryan

DALLAS, Jan 1, 2009 / FW/ — It’s time to make the forecast for 2009 and Amsterdam-based Klaus van den Berg released his Hot & Not Trend List for 2009. So, what will be “in” and “so last season” this year?

“In good times and in bad, new trends are always a hot conversation piece. Next year the coolest charts will be the financial listings and economic overviews,” comments Van Den Berg

“Because people will act more aware, critical and cautious in all aspects of their consumer lives, trends will be cooled down accordingly. Next year’s trends will be less in your face and more ‘tongue-in-cheek’, if not to say ‘tongue-in-chic’, than last year’s. Forget glamour. In 2009 humor will be the best rumor around the trend,” he added.

HOT  2009 NOT 2009
Kate Ryan Eurovision Song Contest
Touch Scroll
Big bags Back packs
Sharp silhouettes Mix & Match
Back-to-the-Basic Life Accessory Life
Nigella Lawson Desperate housewives
Bargain hunters Personal shoppers
Toning down Showing off
Salads Appetizers & desserts
Jokes Critique
Grey hair Coupe soleil
Mono-tasking Multi-tasking
Grace Jones Studio 54 revivals
Comedy Reality
Greenland Iceland
Penguins Teletubbies
Sessilee Lopez Wannabe model competitions
Monopoly Roulette
Beach wear Street wear
Positive news Negative news
90s house music samples 80s electro music samples
Meditation Mediation
Vitamins Carbohydrates
Coupe Stephanie de Monaco Hair extensions
Humour Glamour

Since the early 1990s Klaus van den Berg has been studying consumers, costumers, trendsetters and stakeholders for companies, governments, NGOs and charities. To answer media requests about the new trends for the coming year, he publishes his independent trend list. The lists are based on analysis of cutting-edge international lifestyle media. His ‘hots’ and ‘nots’ are published worldwide. International broadcasters interviewed him about it.

More info, please log on: http://www.klausvandenberg.com

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