Christian Roth Sunglasses (click to enlarge)
Christian Roth Sunglasses (click to enlarge)

PARIS, Feb 4, 2009 / FW/ — Kate Hudson and Kate Moss have at least two things in common – their first names and Christian Roth sunglasses. Both had been spotted wearing them on more than one occasion.

With its acetate sunglasses (290 €) and the titanium version (450 €) already available in stores, the two Kates and all Christian Roth fans have a lot to choose from.

With the mantra, “Live. Love. Protect. Thrive. Survive.” Christian Roth eyewear was founded by German-born Christian Roth and French-born Eric Domege in 1984. The two met in New York the year before (1983) where they were working in opticals, fashion photography and marketing, respectively.

A trendsetter from the very beginning, Christian Roth eyewear was designed to make its own statement and not just an accessory to clothing. With a passion for technological development, design duo Roth and Domege crafted a visionary design aesthetic that is contemporary, modern and unique.

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