Revolver Salon: Where your Hair is the Mane Event

Revolver Salon

Revolver Salon

NEW YORK, Feb 28, 2009 / FW/ — In a survey conduct by BIGresearch for STORES Magazine, it was revealed that haircuts and colors is #5 on the list of the Top 10 list of things that people cannot live without even during a bad economy.

So, anyone who says that it is okay to have a bad hair day must be living under a rock; because scientific research had proven that people in general want their hair to always look good. And that’s where Revolver Salon comes in.

It has been well known that hairdressers are one of the businesses that are fairly recession-proof, now it’s been proved as a fact.

People just must have a decent haircut to go with their designer clothes or their mix of high and low fashion brands. Hair just keeps growing and people keep on wanting to look good too.

 With three locations in Manhattan, it is really very convenient to visit and get fierce hairdos and practical styling advice. Revolver Salon offers cuts, color treatments, blow outs and of course consultation.

Revolver Salon

Revolver Salon

With your hair as the mane event, stylists become artists and their medium is your hair. When Revolver is through with you, your hair will speak for itself AND you won’t feel like you have been mugged when you walk out the door.

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Revolver Salon

590 Broadway Between Houston & Prince
212 219 9626
Mon-Sat 12 -9

111 Third Avenue (Between 13th and 14th)
212 388 9990
Mon-Sat 12 -9

2906 Broadway (between 113th and 114th)
212 222 6699
Mon-Sat 12 -9

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