Victorio & Lucchino Fall 2009
Victorio & Lucchino Fall 2009

MADRID, Feb 26, 2009 / FW/ — All opposite poles are attracted to each other, attaining a perfect, solid connection. And it is the mixture of unusual colours and fabrics combined in an experimental manner which materialises the eclectic nature of this collection.

It has taken its means of inspiration from late 19th century, early 20th century eclecticism, where an artist’s spirit is made apparent in his or her work through installations and dreams, without bearing the specific in mind.

For Fall 2009, the designers want women to interpret their own VICTORIO & LUCCHINO style, without providing a specific style beforehand. It is they who shape their own philosophy.

Fabrics, such as velvet, or a fur effect on silk, through which three-dimensional effects are achieved. And contrasting textures with extremely fluid fabrics such as taf-taf and organza. All in structures which adhere to haute couture construction processes, including more ground-breaking elements such as metallic zip fasteners.

Maximum importance in shoulder pads, where all the tension of the garment is concentrated. Built via multilayers and enriched in many cases. And all of the above in clear contrast with ergonomic, sinuous suits which highlight the silhouette drawn through borders.

Colours also play at clashing tones, such as forest green with asphalt grey, and saffron, and Cypriot pink broken by black, make this palette at least a little unusual.

This eclecticism also invades the atmosphere in the VICTORIO & LUCCHINO man, with meticulously worked new shapes, as well as in the fantasy of some their fabrics. High-quality, warm wool tailoring is structured in precise cuts which emphasize the male silhouette and has already become our benchmark.

Sophisticated casual wear, in velvets, corduroys and gabardines, is enriched with different proposals in trainers, creating a new classic. Browns, maroons, dark green and black merge with the fantasy of chequers and stripes.

Photos courtesy of Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week

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