de Grisogono
de Grisogono

DALLAS, Mar 18, 2009 / FW/ — The term wearable art usually has an unpalatable taste to a fashionista’s mouth but when it applies to jewelry created with black and icy diamonds, wearable art becomes a highly covetable and highly wearable item.

Since time in memoriam, jewellery has been a symbol of power, passion and love and arguably one of the finest forms of artistic expression. Yet, not all jewelers can become an artist. Harmony, a sense of beauty, proportions and colour, are all innate gifts that cannot be taught. As an old saying goes, many are called but few are chosen.

Fawaz Gruosi, founder of de GRISOGONO in Geneva, is endowed with an exceptional feel for gems; he is one of those who had been called and chosen to be an artist of jewelry, to use his imagination to exalt them. Over the years, he has succeeded in passing on his passion to a small circle of goldsmiths, gem-setters and craftsmen dedicated to this noble task.

Black Diamonds

A testament to Fawaz Gruosi artistry is his work on black diamonds. Usually deemed as “too dark” by most jewelers, Fawaz Gruosi made the black diamond his symbol – a first in the world of high jewellery, as this variety of diamond is rarely used because of its extremely fragile nature.

de Grisogono
de Grisogono

Powerful and mysterious, the black diamond was bound to appeal to independent, self-confidently elegant women. Creating magnificent pieces using the black diamond as the centerpiece, Fawaz Gruosi immediately caught the attention of the world’s elite from the jet setting crowd to celebrities.

Icy Diamonds

In 2000, Fawaz Gruosi launched a new collection of diamond-set jewellery that he called Icy Diamonds – diamonds that display a high degree of fluorescence and are classified as “white” on the scale of the Gemological Institute of America (GIA).

Here too, Fawaz Gruosi had got hold of a stone hitherto favored by only a few rare collectors. And yet these milky diamonds exude a distinctive beauty: their multiple inclusions blur the light crossing through the stone, surrounding it with a misty veil that endows it with a soft, gentle and almost childlike charm.

This slightly nostalgic touch soon fired the imagination of brand aficionados and Icy Diamonds became one of the brand’s star collections.


de Grisogono
de Grisogono

In 2003, Fawaz Gruosi launched once again a new collection : the combination of Galuchat and precious stones. As if it had floated up from the ocean depths, Galuchat – taken from sharkskin or “shagreen” stingray skin – owes its name to the appointed leather master-craftsman of Louis XV, who was the first in France to use this exotic leather to clothe the most precious objects.

A number of remarkable, sparkling necklaces, bracelets and earrings were therefore fashioned in this distinctively-textured leather, and adorned with diamonds, emeralds and other precious stones. Their immediate and yet astonishing success has since inspired many other players in the luxury industry.

Browny Brown Gold
In 2005, Fawaz Gruosi once again proved his ability to keep one step ahead of trends by inventing a new gold colour, Browny Brown Gold. This makes a perfect match for diamond-set jewellery, whether in warm shades ranging from yellow to chestnut brown, or in models intended for wider-scale production, featuring combinations of gold in various colours.

Exceptional art

Each creation by Fawaz Gruosi, whether interpreted in collections or in one-of-a-kind high-jewellery models, is made using stone-setting techniques that seek perfection in details. Earrings composed of tumbling briolette-cut diamonds cascade like silk veils.

de Grisogono
de Grisogono

Imposing multi-colored necklaces exalted both by the warm light of the cabochon and by sparkling precious stones, radiate contrasts that are sheer visual delight: de GRISOGONO’s high jewellery collection is as unexpected as the work of a great contemporary artist.

The founding of the Geneva-based brand only dates back to 1993, when its first boutique opened at 104, rue du Rhône. And yet de GRISOGONO has become one of the most famous luxury names in the world. One thing is for sure: the brand stirs powerful reactions wherever it is displayed, and its innovations in the field of jewellery continue to surprise industry experts.

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