bluemarine_fall_09_029 MILAN, Mar 1, 2009 / FW/ —  Blumarine played with both complex and simple as design elements.  At times styles were basic and at others more intricate and unique but where one part lacked in design it made up for in print and vice versa. 

The show was a stretch for  Blumarine, going to places that could almost have a Just Cavalli aesthetic.  Young, bright, bold, and in your face, nothing like the typical Blumarine shows that have people standing up and clapping at the end with tears running down their cheeks.

The show not only roughened up the typical romantic Blumarine look, but it also played with the idea of casual and elegant attire.  Shows normally start with casual and then go fancy, so to see Swarovski encrusted jeans intermingling with the floor length gowns, at the end of the show, definitely sent an interesting message.

Colors were bright and very Stephan Sprouse and Andy Warhol inspired.  Maybe Anna Molinari thinks romantic just won’t do it any more so she took everything up a notch to full on leopard print outfits and full out big, gaudy costume jewelry. 

Pants were super tight, skirts full and flowy, and tops strapless and sexy.  Shoes continued on the strappy platform heel trend while clutches were the hottest shape purse.  Prints were wild in Andy Warhol inspired poppies and multi colored neon animal prints.  All in all the collection was a fun burst of energy and creativity from an un expected source.


Photos by Lisa Helm

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