Christian Lacroix Fall 2009
Christian Lacroix Fall 2009

PARIS, Mar 11, 2009 / FW/ — A foremost colorist as a designer, Christian Lacroix is also known for his exuberant shows. So, it was surprising to find so many little black dresses in his collection that was actually shown in a garage with broken mirrors as background. (gasp!)

Actually, it was not bad. In reality, Christian Lacroix’s coolness factor just went up several notches because the French designer proved that he could go down from his ivory tower and mingle with us, the mortals.

Perhaps it is the economy and an ostentatious show of wealth is frowned upon. Yet, looking at the collection, it can be said that it is actually what Christian Lacroix planned it all along – an edgy collection that is meant to be shown in a garage and not at the Grand Palais.

Starting with the double breasted cocoon coat adorned with oversized buttons and then proposed with rolled sleeves for that 1980s feel, its architectural silhouette was softened by the nude hose with a faint floral print in gray.

That restraint was also seen in the ruche mini dress in olive, its only adornment was a five-petal floral brooch. And the elegance de riguer was show in the black drop down waist mini dress in accordion pleat with a halter / turtleneck neckline worn over a lace catsuit.


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