Hannibal Laguna Fall 2009
Hannibal Laguna Fall 2009

MADRID, Mar 29, 2009 / FW/ — A poet at heart, for Fall 2009, Hannibal Laguna wrote

Subtle and sensual, delicate and dazzling…….
A collection of evening gowns with a clear sign of identity.

Sophisticated volumes and elegant silhouettes……
Tulip-like outlines, bias cut with diagonal movements.

Woven fabrics wrapped in light textures, translucent and gossamer-like …….
Embossed satin, gauze, organza, Chantilly lace and fragile 999.9 silver net.

Maxi-embroidery with tiny quartz crystals and brilliant jet…….
Flashes of light on plant motifs, escutcheons and wreaths.

Feminine micro-pleats, metallic finishes and silk varnishes….
Light, superimposed, painted reliefs with a degradation effect

Jewel gowns, unique garments with veiled chromatic nuances……
Enamel black, Flamenco pink, ice grey and silver.

Hannibal Laguna

Photos courtesy of Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week

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