Hiroko Koshino Fall 2009
Hiroko Koshino Fall 2009

PARIS, Mar 6, 2009 / FW/ — Staging a comeback in the Paris fashion scene, Hiroko Koshino found the perfect harmony between her craft, her Japanese heritage and western influences as she sent an ultra-modern collection inspired by the kimono.

With the obi as the main accessory (it was proposed in the traditional obi look and also as a sewn-in piece), Hiroko Koshino highlighted the feminine sensuality without presenting a sexually charged collection.

In fact, with a lone violinist providing live background music, the well-known Japanese serenity was felt throughout the whole show and the whole collection. To Koshino, sensuality is an art form as she emphasized the ‘sexiest’ parts of the female body – the waist, the shoulders, the legs, including the arms.

Reinventing the kimono sleeve, Koshino put the arm outside, instead of inside, thus the sleeve became an accessory thought it remained an intrinsic part of the garment.

And the best part about it, Hiroko Koshino also proposed her own vision of the Euro-Japanese chic, a fashion movement that has enthralled Paris for a long time.


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