Junko Shimada Fall 2009
Junko Shimada Fall 2009

PARIS, Mar 13, 2009 / FW/ — Models wearing fencing masks and mini black and white dresses, with the front sculpted to look like a balloon are also wearing a religious headdress, thus making them look like they are pregnant nuns.

Junko Shimada did not hold a runway show; she held a tableau, as in the theater where the story is the clothes and the actors are the models.

Futuristic looks based on medieval elements, Junko Shimada sent out quilted winter boots on stainless platforms; the white raincoats inspired by ninja uniform and the tunic made of chiffon was a take from a samurai warrior’s wardrobe.

It’s almost as if these the models are our favorite manga characters, but they are not. The influence from Japanese anime is there, but this is pure Junko Shimada.

Beautifully high-concept, which surprisingly a lot of the pieces are wearable even straight from the runway; there are some that needs to be prepped per individual tastes. Yet, no matter which one you choose, this collection is one of the best this season.

Photos by Thomas Barnes

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