Krizia Robustella Fall 2009
Krizia Robustella Fall 2009

MADRID, Mar 31, 2009 / FW/ — Even press notes from designers are getting creative. This is the nth poem I have seen so far this season. Are our designers closet poets at heart? It seems that way.

Written by Ranto

On one side the sea, on the other a pine grove,
We get out of my car with a steady step,
We take the delicacies out of the back doors
And the truth is that a holiday is not a holiday without beer or chicken to taste.

I open out the camping table in the shade,
A towel for the children like a rug,
I nibble crisps and almonds
And watch my missus lying in the sun, like a salamander.

And the fact is that my chick is the best in the neighbourhood,
She has glamour, she is the beauty queen of the suburbs.
Although at the disco she was approached by privateers,
I was the she chose to marry her.

Who, if not me, would take her out on Sundays?
Who would buy her her little distinctive number?
I don’t like her to wear any old rag,
Because today is sportswear day.

Photos courtesy of Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week

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