Moon Young Hee Fall 2009
Moon Young Hee Fall 2009

PARIS, Mar 24, 2009 / FW/ — Giving a nod to the medieval trend that had gripped Paris this season, Paris-based designer Moon Young Hee sent out female Knights Templar that are deliciously delightful in their femininity.

Medieval costumes are usually heavy, Moon Young Hee was able to make it light and airy by using a wide range of fabric from the very light lace and silk to the heavier velvet and thus also adding volume while keeping everything balanced.

And like the time of history wherein wars preoccupied humankind, which ironically also gave birth to the Crusades and of course the Knights Templar, Moon Young Hee’s concept was based on conflict. Bright and dark, light and heavy are opposites of each other, yet together they create a perfect harmony.


Paris Fashion Week Fall 2009