Quentin Veron with models wearing his creations
Quentin Veron with models wearing his creations

PARIS, Mar 20, 2009 / FW/ —- Passionate about art since his childhood, Quentin Veron moved to Paris in 2005, where, after a short time spent in the Thierry Mugler studios, he attended the prestigious Parisian fashion school Studio Bercot directed by Marie Rucky.

His passion for expertise on an international scope led him to Los Angeles in the summer of 2006, where he assisted designer Jeremy Scott. With the diploma of Studio Bercot in his hands, following this stint, Veron began working as a stylist for several fashion magazines always incorporating fur into his work. It was during those sessions that his curiosity and passion for fur kept growing and became a reality.

At the end of 2007, Veron elected to dedicate his days to hours and hours in a fur workshop to learn how to work this luxurious material. In 2008, the passion grew and he began his brand specializing in fur.

During an exhibition in collaboration with photographer Jenny Lexander in May 2008, 20-year-old Veron presented his first fur pieces. He comments that part of his inspiration comesfrom the fact that these were the clothes of the first human beings.

“Fur is THE base of clothing and we should never forget that fur always existed and human beings always wore it,” he said. “As well, this irreplaceable material is natural.”

The pieces were very well received and several pieces were shot in the French fashion magazine L’Officiel in November 2008.

Veron gives a real modernity to fur; from his very close relationship with fur technicians he mixes his unique style and the technique to create pieces that transport us to his own universe. It’s with a chic style and almost inherent knowledge that Quentin tells his collection like if it was a dark and poetic tale.

Veron debuted on the Paris runways in March 2009 during Fall 2009 ready-to-wear season, presenting his first complete fur collection.

Quentin Veron designs and fabricates the pieces himself surrounded with talented workers inthe workshops of Patrick Lestarquit in Paris. Each and every piece his collection is made in this Parisian workshop. Veron was born on November 25th 1987 in Clermont-Ferrand, France.


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