Aminaka Wilmont Fall 2009
Aminaka Wilmont Fall 2009

BARCELONA, Apr 4, 2009 / FW/ — A high concept collection based on the very complex concept of time, Markus Wilmont and Maki Aminaka, the design duo behind the label Aminaka Wilmont referenced the past, present and future in every single garment.

Exploring what has been, insert what is current and then add what will possibly be, Aminaka Wilmont took inspiration for the classic Yves Saint Laurent suit jacket, placing it in a contemporary context through manipulation of its construction and fabrication.

The original silhouette of the jacket is the PAST element; the PRESENT is its current silhouette. As for the future, Aminaka Wilmont had constructed the jacket so that the silhouette will naturally change when worn over a long period of time, but keeping its original fit.

It’s a hard concept while the execution is harder. Yet, Aminaka Wilmont have always pushed fabrications to the limits and this collection is not an exception. Using English and Italian wools, leather and silk, the design duo brought to life an avant garde collection that borders on futurism.


Photo by Biel Sol

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