Yellow jacket
Yellow jacket

DALLAS, Apr 3, 2009 / FW/ — The Dallas crowd is constantly looking to their peers to incorporate trends into their wardrobe. It seems very rare to see someone take a fashion risk.  Generally, style here is safe and not cutting edge, although a few trendsetters pop up here and there. As a matter of fact, yesterday I spotted someone with Ray Ban eyeglasses (and was slightly shocked). Vests and cardigans layered with button down shirts or jewel toned cotton tees are rampant among college students. The beanie is something that is thrown on to add an effortless touch of style to any outfit that is not predetermined. Graphic tees and jeans seem to be the choice for a college guy on a typical day of classes, while girls sport a flirty top with denim and flats. Boots over jeans add a flirty yet chic touch on a chilly day. Plaid, plaid, plaid– It is everywhere, on guys and ladies. Toms, sandals, scarves.  Must I say more?

Photos by: Lauren Scruggs

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  1. cheryl scruggs

    May 5, 2009