F.C. Bikkembergs Fossombrone
F.C. Bikkembergs Fossombrone

MILAN, Apr 25, 2009 / FW/ — Veni, Vidi, Vici (I came, I saw, I conquered) was a famous quote by Julius Caesar, that for a very long time many thought that they were magic words. And, the quote seems to work for the Bikkembergs boys who are about to enter the next level of Italian football.

At two match days away from the close of play, F.C. Bikkembergs Fossombrone had an impressive eleven point advantage on the next runners-up in the Eccellenza, and is therefore certain to be promoted to Serie D.

Last Sunday April 19th, the fierce Fossombrone football team played its last home game of the season against runner-up Piano San Lazzaro, which ended in a 1-0 win. The match definitely did not pass unnoticed, as the host team had planned a party that will be printed in the region’s memory. The whole town was involved in the festivities and the players gave a special nameplate to the man who gave the club new wings.

To Dirk Bikkembergs, the promotion is a well-deserved one and tastes like more.

Since the Dirk Bikkembergs group bought the team and re-launched it in the Italian amateur championship in 2005, not only bringing in fresh talent but also revamping its entire image, the team now proves to be ready for new and ambitious goals.

Entering the world of the semi-professionals, F.C. Bikkembergs Fossombrone will explore new territories and according to Dirk, the team will embark on a new series of successes on the pitch. On condition, of course, that they will continue the hard work with perseverance and dedication.

Dirk definitely was on the edge of his stadium seat and insisted on congratulating players, staff members and supporters, without forgetting the municipality of Fossombrone. “Their joint energy and efforts will take F.C. Bikkembergs Fossombrone into a golden future and will transform the club, town and region into a showpiece of sports achievement”.

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