Mechante of London
Mechante of London

DALLAS, Apr 6, 2009 / FW/ — Wear protective talismans on your feet by wearing Mechante of London shoes. Accessories designer Deborah Lyons had incorporated evil eye amulets in the Spring 2009 Mechante of London collection and thus protecting the wearer from harm, bad luck and to ward of negative energies.

Using the most traditional protective color blue to keep away “bad karma,” the evil eye appears on two key spring 2009 styles including the Maya flat sandal and the Lara ankle strap heel with blue ties.

Born and raised in London, Deborah Lyons has a unique design philosophy when it comes to shoes – “for every step you take, we create a story.’ Approaching each new shoe design from a clean, bold, sculptural point of view, Deborah then adds elaborate specifications and thus an exquisite form and a story is born.

Having studied art in London, Florence, and Paris before enrolling at Parsons to study fashion design, it is not surprising that her approach to shoe design is through the lens of fine art. Viewing a pair of shoes as canvas, the British designer believes there are endless possibilities in the very limited space of a pair of shoes.

Pushing the boundary between fine art and high fashion, Deborah Lyons also mixed the potent combination of European style and youthful sensibility. Creating alluring, elegant lines and intricate details via superb craftsmanship, the results are strongly feminine silhouettes done in a mix of luxurious textiles, leathers and metals.

Deborah’s elevation of the shoe to art for the foot is boldly captured in her signature – a gold triangle stretched out on the sole down to the heel. For Spring 2009, delicate silks and rich pythons in Aegean blues and whites are brought to life on towering heels and bold platforms to deliver a collection that is both tantalizingly luxurious and delicately feminine.

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