Postweiler Hauber Fall 2009BARCELONA, Apr 14, 2009 / FW/ — The Ausbau collection is a collaboration between POSTWEILER HAUBER and the artist Heinz Peter Knes. Images from the latter’s archive were printed on the fabrics that make up this season’s collection.

Although commonly thought to be decorative, this collection focuses on the weight of the ornaments. Through repetition, ornaments gain an aura of power and meaning that impacts the masses.

In recent works, Knes cut holes in images or shredded them completely to examine the progression from analog to digital photography. He maintains that he wanted to make it clear that photography, in terms of the analogue form of representation, no longer exists. He wanted to make the physical tangible.

To do this, he cut the informative parts of the image out and imposed a grid structure on each image. These patterns echo the classic check and stripe designs of the fabrics.

Two other layers are added to each image: one analogue, through the addition of another layer of fabric, and one digital, through the addition of digital images taken from ornamental fabrics.

[Photos by Biel Sol]

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