PARIS, May 20, 2009 / FW/ — Histories de Parfums literally translates to “Perfume Stories” and its author, Gérald Ghislain created these “Twelve Tomes” to bring his stories to life in perfume, a sensitive and sensual medium.

Histories de Parfum
Histories de Parfum

“I like to create stories that make people dream. Since I’m not a writer I use fragrances instead of words. The essences are my ink!” explained Gérald Ghislain when asked why he chose the name Histories de Parfums for a fragrance label.

Explaining further, Ghislain said, “I am trying to convey and represent the fascinating French perfume industry know-how and passion. The perfumes’ ingredients were chosen with one sole criteria in mind; their quality. They represent exceptional materials chosen exclusively for their quality.”

And, thus the story began. Currently, Histories de Parfums has “Twelve Tomes” now, each scent, like a book, tells a story.

The men’s colognes had been “inspired” by Jules Verne, Casanova and Sade, who are representations of travel, romance and erotic, respectively.

The women’s perfumes had been inspired by Matahari, Eugenie de Montijo, Collete and George Sand.

Says Ghislain, “Mata Hari was an obvious choice because of her mysteriousness and oriental beauty; Eugenie de Montijo had seduction and fantasy. Colette inspired me to create a perfume lively and voluptuous like her. For George Sand, who liked nature and freedom, I made a flowery, yet spicy fragrance and lastly Colette inspired me to create a perfume lively and voluptuous like her.”

And thus, the stories go on… The Histoires de Parfums language is eager and plural.