DALLAS, May 10, 2009 / FW/ — Entitled Summer2Go, Nordstrom store windows at Northpark Mall is also a story on minimalism. Stylized life savers match the stylized mannequins.

Minimal store windows started during the 1990s and it has been with us since then. It began when minimalism became an important and highly covetable style in fashion.

In more ways than one, we can say thanks to Helmut Lang, Calvin Klein and Jil Sander, the progenitors of minimalist clothing for giving us also the ‘minimalist style of store displays.’

We can also safely say that the proliferation and popularity of minimalism on store windows is a result of the minimalist fashion movement.

But, as the second decade of the 21st approaches, there is now a new trend on the runway wherein clothes are becoming more elaborate and clever. Designers are experimenting with new silhouettes.

Now, the question is – will visual merchandising follow the lead of the catwalk?

Photos by Mari Davis]