Calvin Klein Resort 2010
Calvin Klein Resort 2010

NEW YORK, Jun 4, 2009 / FW/ — With the Calvin Klein DNA based on minimalist aesthetics, innovations are seen in the cut, the fabric and how they are used. Francisco Costa, womenswear Creative Director for Calvin Klein Collection has successfully mingled these two elements while respecting the Calvin Klein DNA.

The Calvin Klein Resort 2010 collection follows the same line of thought as Francisco Costa mixed natural fiber like cotton organdy with nylon and tech organza to create slim silhouettes that are very revealing and futuristic, a very hard feat to accomplish because usually ‘revealing’ meant sexy and being a vamp.

Take the white silk chiffon corded embroidery dress with crystal sheer nylon in ¾ sleeves that Jac (Monika Jagaciak) was wearing. A very polished look at first glance, especially with the cords arranged in a swirling design; then your eyes are drawn to the hemline which is made to look “raw” by using tiny fringes.

All of a sudden, there is that element of deconstruction and thus a sophisticated and artistic view of futuristic fashion!

And, that Virginia is the reason why Francisco Costa is a fashion darling and why he has been voted CDFA Womenswear Designer of the Year.

Photo by Dan Lecca