Carlo Pignatelli Cerimonia Spring 2010
Carlo Pignatelli Cerimonia Spring 2010

MILAN, Jun 19, 2009 / FW/ — A delightful fashion twist on the eve of the Milano Moda Uomo Spring 2010 season, Carlo Pignatelli unveiled his newest labels – Cerimonia and Opera, which are bespoke and couture dressing for men and women, respectively.

In early preview today, forty magical women’s creations and ten men’s models: the first ‘Opera’ collection featured important dresses, sublimely created, with incredible scenic effect and applications designed to take the lead role in pure jet-setter mood, gala evenings and international red carpets or, in white, for dreamlike weddings.

“A première that is an expression of pure Italian excellence”, Carlo Pignatelli explains. “I have chosen to present the collection with a show-event in Milan to highlight my connection with the capital of international fashion”.

‘Opera’ thus adds a determining piece to the overall design of elegance and style to which Carlo Pignatelli has devoted his creative whim for the last forty years. This new line reveals all his sartorial mastery, the know-how that goes back to the most noble couture traditions.

A perfect balance of creative whim and design rigour. The result is clothing cut in valuable fabrics, perfect in the play on lines and proportions, volumes and manufacture that opt for emphasis in length and an exceptional value of the decor.

Unique: each and every item is designed on the mannequin by the creator’s hand that shapes it as a sculpture. Unique in the essences and emotions it expresses. Extraordinary the version created from sixty meters of fabric, without a single cut, animated by clever draping. An enchanting image is provided by the creation doused in pure silver. Those finished with gems and crystals simply cannot go unnoticed.

‘Opera’ was created as an exclusive design for a select clientele and distributed in the sixteen Carlo Pignatelli boutiques worldwide, in Italy and elsewhere, through extremely high level sales outlets

For Carlo Pignatelli Cerimonia, the designer was inspired by the most famous seducer in the world. The collection, which is entitled ‘In Casanova’s Parlors’, the looks are fascinating, precious and perfect down to the last little detail.

A seductive collection with every last detail carefully studied, and one that positively vibrates with the sublime grace of Mozart, and the slightly mysterious sensuality of Heath Ledger in the interpretation of the noble Venetian.

Rococo decor is the absolute protagonist, dominating the scene through the use of silk fabrics and brocades with intense, changing reflections, enriched with embroideries and glass bead applications. Lace and organza jabot are worked as swirls of stucco works and eighteenth century architecture.

The finely draped shirt bibs resemble the curtains of the palaces facing out over the Grand Canal. The bow is the collection’s fil rouge: small and soft in satin and organzine, or macro in taffeta, adorning collars and shirts Proust style.

Focus on the waist, highlighted by corsets that replace traditional bands. Jackets with no half measures: short and geometric with lance revers or long and slim, like a frock-coat. Colours are stolen from Canaletto’s paintings: mysterious black and silver grey dotted with dark gold and Wedgwood blue.

Ladies, dressed with the couture creations of the Opera Collection’s début are adorned with draped chiffon, washed satin, exasperated, ‘scandalous’ necklaces that come unhooked, sliding into the décolleté.

The enormous bows in triple organza ‘unrefined dye’, are so large as to protect the shoulders from a spring breeze, and loving ambush. The organza used here in an infinite variety of different carats, represents the material leit motiv running through the whole collection, comparing up to the changing chiffons. In the mark of sculptural lines and volumes, often obtained without a single cut, crinol disproportionately increases skirt volumes evoking unreal Fellini-style images.

Everything is precious, extremely rich and accentuated by an over decor of origami-flowers, plissé, copper lace, silver-sprayed tulle and ajour seams. The brightest shades – white, ivory, milk and mother of pearl – are offset against darker, more passionate hues – cyclamen, rouge-noir, aubergine, cherry red, violet – with splashes of metallic grey and an intensely melodramatic effect.